Traffic assistance

The main objective of the activities carried out by Autostrada Asti Cuneo S.p.A. is to offer a quality service by providing assistance to each user in transit, consistent with the different situations that may arise.

Highway customer behavior also contributes to the success of the service.

Localization along the way

Along the highway, the customer can find his position by means of distance signs indicating the progressive mileage and by means of signs showing the progressive number of overpasses.

These indications are a useful reference to be communicated in case of need; in fact, through them, the Operations Center is able to promptly and accurately determine the client’s position on the highway. Good cellular telephone signal on the route under the Concessionaire.

Concessionaire Operations Center

Operating 24 hours a day, it guarantees the control of the highway section through the use of different information systems.

It has permanent contact with the Traffic Police C.O.P.S., with the Traffic Auxiliaries, as well as with all other company structures responsible for road and safety issues.

It carries out connection and coordination duties of all the activity carried out on the road, provides for the dispatch of aid and information management.

The Operations Center for emergencies, traffic and weather information is always contactable at the following toll-free number: 800 003999.

Traffic Auxiliaries

Assistance to transit users is a hallmark of highway service. The activity of the Traffic Auxiliaries is regulated by the Protocol of Understanding AISCAT – Ministry of the Interior of March 25, 1998. The Auxiliaries provide support to the Traffic Police, intervene in case of accident, provide assistance to motorists in difficulty, carry out activities to safeguard traffic safety, activate signals in case of serious disturbances to the road system.

In the case of accidents with no injuries, they directly record the event for subsequent transmission to the competent Traffic Police station. The service is provided over 24 hours by vehicles equipped with emergency response equipment and variable message signs.

Traffic Police

The Traffic Police is on the highway 24 hours a day. It operates permanently by means of multiple patrols and is a primary point of reference for the Concessionaire.

The reference subsections for the two sections are coordinated by the C.O.P.S. of Turin:

Operator: 011 8165711

In addition to the institutional tasks of the Traffic Police specialty, at the Subsections there are Judicial Police Teams whose main activity is investigative.