Payment systems

Payment by cash

Tolls may be paid in cash at booths manned by a toll collector or on which an automatic cash machine is installed. These booths are marked with the following signage:

Pagamento contanti
Manned/automatic cash payment toll booth   
Pagamento contanti
Automatic cash payment toll booth   


At the booths manned by a collector it is also possible to pay in cash with the main foreign currencies, with conversion into Euro.

Autostrada Asti-Cuneo S.p.A. accepts the following foreign currencies:

  • Canadian Dollar;
  • U.S. Dollar;
  • British Pound;
  • Swiss Franc;
  • Danish Krone;
  • Norwegian Krone;
  • Swedish Krona.

Other forms of payment

Of course, alternative forms of payment to cash are allowed, such as:

  • Telepass system, which allows you to pay the toll, without stopping at the station, through the use of an apparatus to be easily applied on the windscreen. Telepass can be requested at all Punti Blu and Service Centers located on the national highway network, at Post Offices or online at The gates enabled for this type of transit are marked by the following signs:
Pagamento contanti
Telepass/Card Gate
Pagamento contanti
Dedicated Telepass Gate
  • Viacard cards that can be used at all gates, whether manned by a collector or automatic;
  • Accepted credit cards (Visa, Eurocard/MasterCard, Aura, American Express, Diners), FastPay ATMs and Postamat cards that can be used at all collection gates, whether automatic or manned by a collector. Please note that payment by Bancomat FastPay does not require the PIN code to be entered and does not involve any additional charges.

Gates capable of accepting such forms of payment are marked with the following signage:


Pagamento contanti
Cash/card payment booth  
Pagamento contanti
Dedicated Card gate  
Pagamento contanti
Telepass/Card Gate  


During payment operations, the Client may encounter some inconveniences that actually alter the normal collection procedure.

If the problem occurs at a booth manned by a collector, who will be able to show you the best solution to your problem.

If the problem occurs at an automatic door/Telepass, it is recommended that you DO NOT GET OUT OF THE VEHICLE AND DO NOT RETURN TO THE ROADWAY but press the “Call for assistance” button and wait to communicate with the personnel in charge via intercom.

In the event that the staff in charge cannot complete the payment transaction, because, for example, you do not have a ticket or the ticket you have inserted is in a poor state of preservation and does not allow the identification of the entrance station:

  • Booth manned by a collector: the collector proceeds to issue a Failure to Pay Toll Report.
  • Automatic gate/Telepass: the system issues a transit certificate with an “R” in the “payment method” section, indicating that the toll HAS NOT BEEN PAID. Finally, the system takes a photograph of the vehicle’s license plate.
  • Dedicated Telepass booth: the system takes a photograph of the vehicle’s license plate.

In these cases, the toll must be paid within 15 days from the date of transit.