The company Autostrada Asti-Cuneo S.p.A. was incorporated on March 23, 2006 (share capital € 200,000,000 – paid in € 50,000,000, enrolled in the Register of Companies of Rome – R.E.A. no. 1125353) and its main purpose is the planning, construction, maintenance and management of the highway link between the cities of Asti and Cuneo.

The Company is a concessionaire of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility – MIMS (formerly the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport – which took over ANAS S.p.A. pursuant to the combined provisions of Art. 11, paragraph 5, of Legislative Decree 216/2011 and art. 36, paragraph 4, of Legislative Decree 98/2011) for the construction and management of the A33 Asti-Cuneo highway, by virtue of the Standard Agreement signed with ANAS S.p.A. on August 1, 2007 and approved by Interministerial Decree dated November 21, 2007, registered with the Court of Auditors on 31.01.2008, and made effective on February 11, 2008 by means of a communication issued by ANAS ref. CDG-0021686-P and the subsequent Additional Act signed on October 30, 2020, which became effective following registration with the Court of Auditors on March 6, 2021 of approval decree no. 5 of January 7, 2021, and communicated to ATCN on March 8, 2021 by Grantor MIMS memo ref. no. U.0006219.