Customer Services

Asti Cuneo, pedaggio autostradale (2)

Complaints and Suggestions

The customer may report any perceived or observed deficiencies in the management of the road infrastructure or in the provision of services through the following methods:

  • letter addressed to: Autostrada Asti-Cuneo. S.p.A. Via G.M. Bonzanigo, 22 – 10144 Torino (TO);
  • Fax: +39 011 6650469;
  • Email to:;
  • contacting collection personnel and requesting to speak with the appropriate office;
  • by filling out the form “Customer Communications”;
  • Tel: +39 011 6650400 – User Relations Office.

All justified complaints will be answered by Autostrada Asti-Cuneo S.p.A. within 30 days from the date of registration of the customer’s communication. If the investigation of the irregularity requires a longer period of time, the customer will be informed within the above mentioned time limit. As shown in the table above, complaints received by email are processed within the next 10 working days.


The company guarantees the refunding of tolls paid in excess of the amount due after the customer’s claim has been substantiated.

Refund times coincide with the times for processing and responding to complaints, i.e. within 10 days from the date of registration of the customer communication.

Credit note

Due to lack of coins, banknotes or technical failure, the Self-Service Track may not dispense change. This anomaly is reported to the customer with the automatic issue of the certificate of transit, which shows the words “SCONTRINO DI CREDITO (CREDIT NOTE)” and the amount of change not received.

This note does not expire and can be cashed at the Stations or by bank transfer by sending the original receipt to:

Autostrada Asti Cuneo S.p.A.
Ufficio Pedaggi
Via G.M. Bonzanigo, 22 – 10144 Torino (TO)

Useful Contacts

Toll Payment Information and Assistance
Shared charge help number: 840705570
Fax. +39 011 6650469