Road infrastructure

Infrastruttura stradale Autostrada Asti-Cuneo A33

The Route

The Asti Cuneo highway, which is at the moment partly in operation and partly under construction, is divided into two sections, connected by the 19 km section of the Autostrada dei Fiori A6 Turin-Savona, from Marene to Massimini.

  • Section 1 – from the city of Cuneo to the Massimini interconnection on the A6 Turin-Savona highway;
  • Section 2 – from the Asti East and Asti West junctions of the A21 Turin-Piacenza highway, to the Marene junction on the A6 Turin-Savona Highway.

Barriers and Tollbooths

For the purpose of toll collection, the following barriers and toll booths are provided along the highway:

  • Castelletto Stura – Barrier
  • Sant’Albano Stura – Tollbooth
  • Bra-Marene – Junction (Toll A6-Marene or A33 Cherasco)
  • Govone – Barrier

Free passage exits

All stations are defined as “highly automated” in that toll collection takes place via Telepass, Viacard, Fast Pay tracks and automatic cash machines.

The following exits are scheduled for free transit:

  • Isola d’Asti
  • Costigliole/Govone
  • Govone (Direction Asti)
  • Castagnito
  • Alba Ovest
  • Cuneo Est
  • Cuneo Centro

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