In the event of accidents or emergencies, the user can call the Concessionaire’s Operations Center using the SOS service available along the route, or by calling 800.003999, which, depending on the need, will request the intervention of the Traffic Police and Traffic Wardens, as well as other institutional bodies: Fire department, health emergency service, ARPA in case of possibility of environmental pollution, ASL if there are perishable goods, veterinary service if animals are involved, the Finance Police in case of goods subjected to customs procedures.

The Concessionaire ensures the availability, 24 hours a day, of a specialized company in case it is necessary to promptly clean up the environment.

Alternatively, the user can dial the universal Emergency Number 112.

Mechanical rescue

The Operations Center supervises the mechanical rescue service, and this task is delegated to the  ACI Global and VAI Europ Assistance organizations which operate through their own authorized workshops.

This service is guaranteed 24 hours a day. Mechanical assistance can be requested directly from the authorized Organizations, or from the Operation Center of the Concessionaire. If the call is received by the latter, the operator will ascertain if the vehicle is in a safe position and whether the user wants one or the other organization.

If the vehicle is not safe or creates an obstacle or danger, the Operation Center will send the closest truck to the vehicle to be rescued, regardless of the organization indicated by the user.

From the time the distress call is made to the Concessionaire’s operations center, there is a margin of time for the arrival of the vehicle to be rescued at the scene equal to:

  • For light-duty vehicles: 30 minutes during the day and 45 minutes at night (10 pm / 6 am)
  • For heavy trucks: 60 minutes during the day and 70 minutes at night (10 pm / 6 am).