Travel documents


The ordinary ticket contains on a magnetic strip the data concerning the station of entry, the day, the time and the class of entry. This data is required for the proper execution of the toll payment transaction at the exit station.
To this end, the customer is asked to adopt some minimum precautions to avoid loss or deterioration of the ticket during the journey, putting it in a place within reach, without folding it and without exposing it to heat or magnetic sources.



In the event that the issuing machine does not work properly, an adequate supply of pre-magnetized tickets are prepared at each station and delivered directly to the Customer by the collection staff.



The customer can request a receipt showing that payment has been made at either the manual or self-service door. Neither certificate is valid for tax purposes. Invoicing of tolls paid in cash or with bank cards must be requested by writing to Autostrada Asti-Cuneo S.p.A. Invoices Office Loc. Passalacqua 2/2 15057 Tortona (AL) or by downloading the appropriate form from

attestato di transito


When the toll is not paid (in full or in part), a receipt is issued stating that payment has not been made.
Billing for nonpayment reports can be requested using the appropriate form.
In the event of loss or failure to collect the incoming ticket, a Failure to Pay Report is issued at the outgoing station for the route corresponding to the farthest interconnected station, as provided for in Art. 176 Paragraph 16 of the current Highway Code. The user, however, shall be given the option of proving entry to the station.