Oversize load

Exceptional vehicles or transports are considered those that, for dimensions (length, width, height) and/or mass, exceed the limits established by the art. 10, 61 and 62 of the New Highway Code (L.D. 30/04/1992, no. 285 and subsequent amendments and supplements) and governed by the Regulations for execution and implementation of the New Highway Code (Presidential Decree 16/12/1992, no. 495 and subsequent amendments and additions).

The Customer interested in requesting and obtaining the issue of authorization for exceptional transits or transports on the section of highway under our jurisdiction and/or under the jurisdiction of other highway Concessionaire companies, may use the Exceptional Transits Portal Internet Service.

Please note that any improper use of the authorization, as well as its forgery or alteration, results in its immediate termination of validity with the consequences defined by the Highway Code and the authorization act itself, if any specified.

Permit holders must comply with all the prescriptions contained therein or subsequently communicated by the Concessionaire Bodies concerned with the section of highway covered by the permit.