Safety and license points

The Customer, in compliance with the rules of the Highway Code, must adopt responsible and careful driving habits, thus contributing to the quality of the service.

In particular, we suggest thinking about and taking note of the following recommendations which, on the basis of daily surveys carried out on the national highway network, are the main causes of accidents:

  • always travel occupying the right-hand lane and use the left-hand lanes only for passing, to be indicated to those following with adequate notice by activating the turn signals;
  • always keep a safe distance and keep your low beam headlights on at all times;
  • do not drive after a large meal or if you have consumed alcoholic beverages in excess of the limits allowed by law;
  • in case of drowsiness, stop at the first turnout, service area or parking area;
  • while driving, do not divert your attention from the road, read the newspaper or watch TV/DVDs;
  • avoid using a cell phone while driving, especially in heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions and in all situations that require special attention;
  • in case of puncture or damage to the vehicle, try to reach the first turnout or position yourself in the lane farthest to the right, even with a flat tire or damaged rim; it is better to damage a tire or a mechanical part rather than risk an accident;
  • while driving, do not look for objects in pockets, drawers, bags or, even worse, do not try to retrieve those that have dropped onto the floor of the car: before doing so, go to the nearest turnout, service area or parking area and stop the car;
  • do not throw anything out of the window: not only is it forbidden, but it is dangerous for the driver and those following. To dispose of waste, go to the nearest turnout, service area or parking area and use the appropriate waste containers;
  • to regulate speed in accordance with the marked limits, traffic, weather and visibility conditions, also with consideration to the possibility of falling objects from vehicles in front.


Speed is the number one cause of accidents. If you exceed the limit you can lose 2 to 10 points.


Always fasten your seat belt. You lose 5 points if you do not wear a seatbelt!


Always use the farthest right free lane. Otherwise, you risk losing 4 points.


Using a cell phone behind the wheel costs 5 points. Always use the speakerphone or headset.


Passing is fine, but reckless passing is never okay.


If you don’t keep a safe distance you lose 3 points!


Driving while intoxicated: 10 points lost!
Never drive under the influence of drugs: lose 10 points!


Reversing is prohibited on the highway. Anyone who does this risks losing 10 points.


Driving with an irregular load means losing 3 points. Warning!


The emergency lane is reserved for emergencies only. Traveling in the emergency lane results in a loss of 10 points.